Lauréats des prix

Bourses de voyage pour le congrès de l’AIGG


Name Université Pays Titre
Mohammad Auais McGill University Canada The Impact of Falls and Fear of Falling on Older Adults’ Mobility: An International Perspective
Lupin Battersby York University Canada Using World Cafés to Develop Guidelines for Interinstitutional Relocations in Long-Term Care
Laura Booi Simon Fraser University Canada Do We Need a Global Dementia Friendly Symbol?
Stephanie Chamberlain University of Alberta Canada Influence of Organizational Context on Nursing Home Residents’ Social Engagement
Heather Cooke University of British Columbia Canada Residential Care Aides’ Experiences of Personhood in Dementia Care Settings
Youna Dion-Marcoux Université du Québec en Outaouais Canada Over-Reliance on the Mouth Area in the Visual Scanpaths Are Also Observed With Older Emotional Face
Uira Duarte Wisnesky University of Alberta Canada Intervention to Optimize Mobility of Community Dwelling Older Adults in Brazil: A Feasibility Study
Thea Franke University of British Columbia Canada “It Makes Your Life Worthwhile, It Gives You a Purpose in Living”: Meaningful Mobility Experiences
Vivian Huang Ryerson University Canada Expected and Perceived Filial Piety and General Wellbeing among Chinese Older Adults
Lillian Hung University of British Columbia Canada Using Video Reflexive Groups to Develop Dementia Practice
Delphine Labbe University of British Columbia Canada A Longitudinal Perspective on Power Mobility Use by Older Users
Nolwenn Lapierre Université de Montréal Canada Older Women’s Perception Regarding a Videomonitoring System at Home
Lun Li University of Calgary Canada Productive Aging, Family Caregiving, and Subjective Well-Being of Older Adults in Canada
Stephanie Maganja Simon Fraser University Canada Step Count Accuracy and Reliability From Activity Monitors Worn by Mobility-Intact Older Adults
Erin Relyea University of Toronto Canada Financial Literacy and the Economic Experiences of Older Aboriginal Adults in Canada
Mariko Sakamoto University of British Columbia Canada I’m Still Here: The Experience of Living With Early Onset Dementia
Calandra Speirs University of Calgary Canada Who Is Most Likely to Plan for Future Care Needs?
Arne Stinchcombe Lakehead University Canada Performance at Intersections: Association With Neuropsychological Domains in Drivers With Dementia
Munira Sultana Western University Canada Home Health Aides’ Role in Pressure Ulcer Prevention Among the Elderly at Home: A Scoping Review
Chen Xiong University of Toronto Canada Technology Perceptions Among Chinese Family Caregivers of Persons With Dementia: A SexGender Lens


Réception en l’honneur des lauréats des bourses de voyage pour l’AIGG2013

Name Université Pays Titre
Joshua Armstrong University of Waterloo Canada Rehabilitation Therapy Services For Older Long–Stay Clients in the Ontario Home Care System
Sienna Caspar University of British Columbia Canada The influence of institutional texts on the provision of person-centred care in long-term care settings
Theodore Cosco University of Cambridge United Kingdom Successful ageing: Health trajectories in later life
Andrew Costa University of Waterloo Canada Emergency Care for Older Adults: Understanding Unplanned Emergency Department Use, Patient Profiles, and Adverse Patient Outcomes Post Discharge
Alexander Crizzle McMaster University Canada Innovations in vehicle design that promote safety and usability in an aging population
Francis Etheridge Université de Sherbrooke Canada Differentiating the change engagement process in long-term care organizations based on their performance: an action research study
Shannon Freeman University of Waterloo Canada Quality end-of-life care in Canada: Using the interRAI Palliative Care Assessment Instrument Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) to inform care planning for terminally ill homecare clients in Ontario, Canada
Min Hee Kim University of Michigan United States Aging in place and health implication at individual, community and national level
Chantelle LaChance Simon Fraser University Canada Aging and Falls Prevention
William Mortenson Simon Fraser University Canada Aging, assistive technology and informal caregiving
Mario Paris Université de Sherbrooke Canada La reconnaissance sociale du vieillissement, de la vieillesse et des aînés: La participation sociale au sein de Villes-amies des aînés au Québec
Catherine Tong University of British Columbia Canada Foreign-born status, physical mobility and the built environment: The experience of urban dwelling older adults
Yongjie Yon University of Southern California United States Prevalence and Risk Factors of Elder Abuse in Home Care Settings


Name Université Pays
Laurie Corna University of Toronto Canada
Anne-Marie Bostrom University of Alberta Canada
Jamie Farquhar Concordia University Canada
Adeel Safdar McMaster University Canada
Julia Rozanova University of Calgary Canada
Louise Lafortune University of Montreal and University of Paris (co-supervision) Canada
Sienna Caspar University of British Columbia Canada
Jian Li University of Wuppertal Germany
Phillip Tully University of Adelaide Australia
Andrea Petriwskyj School of Social Work and Human Services and Australasian Centre on Ageing Australia
Prabha Lakham University of Queensland Australia
Livia Maria Santiago National School of Public Health, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Matheus Roriz-Cruz Brazilian Federal University of ‘Rio Grande do Sul’ State Brazil


Name Université Pays
Elizabeth Andersen University of Calgary Canada
Claudine Auger University of Montreal Canada
Heather A. Cooke Simon Fraser University Canada
Paula Gardner University of Toronto Canada
Dawn Gill University of Western Ontario Canada
Andrea Gregg University of Victoria Canada
Cat Tuong Nguyen University of Montreal Canada
Julia Rozanova University of Alberta Canada
Kristine Votova University of Victoria Canada
Aleksandra Zecevic University of Western Ontario Canada
Soumitra Basu University of Calcutta India
Keith Bellizzi National Cancer Institute & George Washington University USA
Predrag Erceg University of Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro
Challa Geetha Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University India
Madelin Gomez Havana University Cuba
Juan Liu University of China China
Leah Macaden Northumbria University United Kingdom
Lisiane Paskulin University of Sao Paulo Brazil
Nobilla Valentin Ouagadougou University Burkina Faso
Yameogo Xiaobo University of China China